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We work with your experts, and in the event you need additional expertise, we can either recommend or find specific experts in the specific areas of business be they industry or functionally specific.  Currently active consulting experts in our network include:

Adjuvi is leveraging emerging collaboration technologies to create more service delivery options, improved performance, increased client control, and enhanced knowledge transfer, at significantly lower investment levels.

Alan Cay Culler is a strategy process consultant who helps senior leadership shape vision, plan strategy, and then build the organizational capability to make the vision happen. His approach is fact based and highly participative.
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    Meet Brad Martin    
In my consulting career, I have focused on the design and implementation of complex, large-scale strategic change initiatives. I have worked with clients in North America, Europe, and the Middle East for more than 30 years.

I have a special interest in the power of change, and how we can manage it to create sustainable competitive advantage. Some of the most rewarding work I have done involves the creation of alliances with customers, vendors, and even competitors to change the not just individual organizations but business ecosystems.

I have joined the NextForge effort because I share my colleague’s belief that the consulting industry is on the cusp of a major transformation. Clients are seeking smaller and more nimble consulting teams, greater control, increased knowledge transfer, and lower costs. Consultants can now leverage emerging technologies and new tools to share insight and deliver consulting expertise more effectively. I want to be at the forefront of harnessing these changes to deliver greater value to client organizations.

I enjoy breeding and showing Arabian horses, but my personal passion is coaching and supporting youth soccer. Drafted into service for my daughter’s first team, I am now a board member for the non-profit FIFA affiliate organization in north Houston, serving 10,000 future all-stars.

     Meet Tom Reeder    
Over the course of my 25-year career, I have helped companies respond to increasingly complex business issues by helping create broader and more involved solutions. I believe several trends are now coming together to create an unprecedented opportunity to engage employees in the success of their organizations, in new and more effective ways. Whether we think of that as unlocking the organization’s cognitive surplus (as Clay Shirky would say) or tapping into its hidden reserve (to use Robert Schaffer’s terminology), we can help strengthen the underlying fabric of an organization.

I am excited about NextForge’s methodology of helping clients achieve their business outcomes better, faster, and at lower cost by blending proven consulting concepts with emerging technology and new tools. Our ability to seek input from thought leaders from anywhere in the world, as required, makes for an unprecedented value proposition. Plus, with the flexibility of virtual environments and new distance delivery capabilities, we can now more efficiently support our clients in any location and concurrently in multiple regions.

Professional development coexists with my commitment to my family’s development. I feel privileged to coach youth sport and watch young people improve both physically and emotionally throughout a season. My recent work with a start-up youth football league has been especially gratifying.