Tools for Team Counselors

By Alan Culler One-page descriptions of 15 different problem solving techniques; overview of typical change management methodologies, including RACI, change models, and selecting / using external consultants.

Meeting Facilitation

By Alan Culler Brief guide to effective meeting facilitation, including rationale, preparation, follow-up, and in-session techniques.

Interview Skills

By Alan Culler Brief guide for conducting effective interviews, including an interview protocol, preparation techniques, and guidelines.

Effective Team Development

By Alan Culler Rationale for team formation, common roles and expectations of teams and team members, success criteria for effective teams, team ground rules, and stages of development.

Financial Analysis Techniques

Comprehensive guide to business and financial analysis, including sections on skill requirements, 18 analysis techniques, common financial and industry measures, business case development, and initial questionnaires.

Team-based Problem Solving

Seven-step process for a team-based problem solving technique, including team member roles, meeting actions, and rationale for using the team-based approach.  

Responsibility Mapping (RACI)

Robust guide to the 5-step process for responsibility mapping (RACI charting); detailed guidelines and examples to ensure consistent application by multiple teams. Annotated.

Project Planning & Scheduling

Brief overview of the key concepts and techniques used in basic project planning and scheduling. Includes typical duties of a project manager and a comparison of common tools (Gantt, PERT, CPM).

Overcoming Resistance

Introduction to the nature of resistance, identification of the forms resistance takes, and how to acknowledge and deal with resistance. Annotated; for team leaders and individuals alike.

Meeting Effectiveness Techniques

Facilitator’s guide to avoiding meeting disruptions, keeping meetings on track, managing roles, and stimulating participation. Includes a healthy list of meeting tips based on lessons learned.