Responsibility Mapping

This article is a perennial favorite of our site’s visitors. Crisply defined and reinforced roles and responsibilities increase focus, integration and performance. The article defines generic roles for projects, processes, decisions, etc. RACI Framework of: Responsible (the doers); Accountable (the buck stops here); Consult before (see me first); and Inform after (keep me in the loop).

Enterprise View: Collaboration & The Directed Community

During a dicusssion on “how to” best represent collaboration, one of my colleagues simplified the problem as “It’s not about the direction of the information flow, it’s about the number of contributors and the number of information consumers.” So, we began to analyze collaboration as writers (contributors) and readers (information consumers).

Creating better business outcomes through collaboration

You can create better business solutions and outcomes less expensively by tapping into your company’s collective intelligence through a blended use of traditional and collaborative tools to more easily generate, amend and access information. We show a point-in-time view of collaborative tools, and we consider directed communities in lieu of top down (strategic initiative) project teams