At NextForge, we are in the business of advancing the business improvement processsm.  We do this by continuously testing ourselves against our guiding principles:

  • We deliver on two fronts: Achieving targeted business results while building high-value, durable capabilities
  • We take a holistic approach: We think systemically.  For example, as we consider each process step, it is within the context of the enterprise-level process model
  • We bring an agile approach to collaboration: We integrate key fundamentals of social business and employee engagement inside the enterprise guided through, for example, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

We offer three levels of service-support to assist you in achieving improved business results…


We share as much of our 30+ years of management consulting as we have time to capture into our popular management consulting tool decks (20+ Concepts, Guides and Template Tools to support anyone’s DIY approach at no cost).


We are available, as needed, if you are too busy or have skill gaps we can help fill. Often, we can provide fill-in support through remote delivery, when, in particular, subject matter expertise (SME), may be all you need.  You will find more than 70 articles ranging from roles and responsibilities to a strategic planning framework to getting to post-COVID next-normal and program management

Results’ Partner

We help deliver business improvement (“executional results”) based on an integrated approach to any phase, or the entire life-cycle – from objectives to key results (OKRs).

Each engagement is unique. However, we find most of our improvement is based around processes (the work), prioritized and aligned to support implicit or explicit strategy (the reason), and designed and integrated for results’ implementation (the change).

To achieve results, these three elements (e.g., the work, the reason, the change) are particularly important to guiding and informing four critical, fused components of: organizational change-management, individual change-management, project-management and relentless integration. Click here for a comprehensive treatment of our integrated approach.

And, we have developed a cloud based survey, to replace structured, consultant-intensive interviews in some cases…

The Rapid Assessment Framework (RAF) is designed to be used early in the improvement process where there is a need to engage, align, and mobilize a large part of the organization. 

This broad, comprehensive self-assessment is structured on top of a root cause framework of more than 100 critical dimensions of enterprise health, with the objective of validating and/or determining where deeper, more objective (“focused”) analysis should occur.