Great Teams Require Great Communication

Great teams require great communication, as communications is highly correlated with team success. We developed an analytic frame to consider the number of contributors versus the number of readers. We then mapped current enterprise uses and common tools to illustrate “neighborhoods” of communication.

Execution through Processes, Projects and Communities

Focusing on execution, we touch on each common organizing concepts in the following sections: Process; Project (program and project management); Community (purpose, practice and interest). We also quickly discuss the role of organization, followed by what is best organizing concept (considering sponsorship and breadth of collaboration)

Swift Teams

Swift-Teams(sm) exemplify the fusion of proven traditional change- and program-management techniques enabled by agile, collaborative tools and methodologies. Characteristics include: client led; collaborative; solutions driven; visible and transparent; and iterative and adaptive

Determine what is most important with the Rapid Assessment Framework

We have developed an objective “root cause” approach to assess enterprise health against a prioritized short-list of 89 critical dimensions each with 4 observable behaviors organized into 14 elements utilizing a browser-based polling/survey technology. The tool is editable for language- and industry-specific vocabulary.

Executive Alignment

Executive teams must provide both the vision for change and “active management” throughout execution. But there must be more. With the explosion of information and the accelerated pace of change in the business environment, decisions must be pushed down in the organization. Noted tools include Execution Roadmap and Decision Map

General Management Framework

General management framework is comprised of six elements each representing a critical mega-component of the enterprise, including target market; distribution channels; offering; people and capabilities; and, organization. The framework has been successfully used for market analysis and strategic planning in multiple industry verticals.