A Working Definition of Strategy

This is 2nd of a 3 article Strategy-Pak(sm) series. Based on our work to align a rapidly growing consultancy of experienced consultants for consistency, and applied clean-sheet to a pre-acquisition, publicly traded company. This article focuses on the definition of strategy

What is most important to successful transformation?

Involvement has always been “Change 101” for NextForge. It is part of our DNA. This article explores employee involvement backed by published research (McKinsey). “Involving employees in change initiatives increases success 3.5 times.” We introduce a moniker for this involvement iGO- individual, Group and Organization.

A Management Renaissance- Innovating for the knowledge-age

Managing in the knowledge-age requires a management renaissance based on a number of observations, including: 1) traditional management tools have become a commodity; and, 2) for our knowledge-worker workforce, emerging social tools eliminate barriers to collaboration and facilitate innovation.

Alignment- The concept of one

When taking on complex projects, you can drive alignment by applying the Concept of One to a number of critical elements including by way of example: one mission; one integrated strategy (e.g., business & tech); one decision making structure and process; one economic model; one roadmap; one team; one organizing concept; one set of common methods & tools