Rapid Assessment Tool

“This multi-level assessment tool can very rapidly provide a picture for leadership from different perspectives, including any misalignment between positional and/or functional groups. Results can be viewed in the aggregate or from any combination of demographic splits.”

Why hire consultants?

We share a set of practices on “Why hire consultants?” Topics include staff augmentation, perspective, roles, and internal barriers. The article also touches on traditional concerns about consultants, including over-reliance on third-parties to manage mission-critical activities.

Over-Reliance on Outside Resources

Large organizations are more capable at dealing with change than ever before, and they are able to do more of the “work” required of a change program. Yet dependency on outside consultants continues, in part, because of: organizational skill/experience gaps, leadership disengagement, and the expanding role of the consultant

Pareto’s Lesson on “How”

“While strategic and tactical projects need to be managed with regard for their size and potential impact, both need to incorporate a common, rigorous process for performance improvement that is endorsed by the entire organization…We recognize that the business benefits when it can effectively address both strategic and tactical opportunities within a common framework for change”