Innovation Process

By Alan Culler Introduction to the innovation process, common definitions, and conceptual frameworks; comparison of alternative corporate structures; success criteria and case examples.

Social Media in the Enteprise

Brief 3-page introduction to the application of Social Media to accelerate change within the enterprise. Includes environmental trends, required behavior change, and emerging technologies.

History of Organizational Development

By Alan Culler An historical perspective on the evolution of Organizational Development, including organization theory, workforce performance, structure, and informal networks; implications for emerging organizational requirements such as innovation and capability development.

Enterprise Process Model (Graphic)

Enterprise Process Model can be a departure point for process-based planning, integration, execution and improvement. This document contains an overview and two examples.

New Reality- Organizing and Aligning in the Age of Everywhere Commerce

New Reality- Organizing and Aligning in the Age of Everywhere Commerce, as presented at Resource’s iCitizen conference in Columbus, OH.  This presentation represents the “how to” organize and align the enterprise for digital marketing, including the use of social business with an “inside the enterprise” focus